Why this shop?

Originally, a project with UNESCO Brazil was supposed to provide necessary equipment for hands-on experiments to teachers during training programs. Yet political turmoil in Brasilia and an economic crisis complicated funding questions, prompting us to look for alternative ways to offer suitable materials to teachers. Taking into account the increasingly international audience of Ciênsação, we came to the conclusion that the best long-term sustainable solution was to turn to social entrepreneurship.

Ideally, teachers would not have to purchase teaching materials with their own means. We know however that this is the reality in many places around the world. That is why we created this online shop, where schools and individual teachers can buy teaching tools at a fair price. The revenue helps us to continue Ciênsação self-sustained until hands-on experiments are so common that it is no longer needed.

We made a lot of efforts to develop teaching tools that can be offered at low prices. Our price model is simply cost-based – in line with our idea of fairness. Because we want the students to experience science first hand, rather than to observe it in a teacher demonstration, we focus on class sets. Personal sets are available for testing the material and to offer flexible set sizes: In case your class is larger (or smaller) than typical classes, you can order multiple personal sets. If the overall size exceeds the limits for small or regular class sets, the unit price is automatically adjusted.


About  Ciênsação

Ciênsação (known in English as Sciensation and in Spanish as Ciensación) is a private initiative to promote hands-on experiments at schools especially in Latin America. The online repository of Open Educational Resources is maintained by an informal group of friends across a couple of universities in Brazil. Ciênsação IS NOT a legal entity or registered organization. Therefore it is not in the position to run an online shop or provide equipment to schools or teachers. To make this material available, we partnered with the GFNU, a German society specialized in promoting hands-on science teaching.


About GFNU

The "Gesellschaft zur Förderderung Naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts UG (haftungsbeschränkt)" – in English: Society for the fostering of science teaching – serves as consultancy on the development of educational material for NGOs, educational institutions (esp. universities) and outreach initiatives. Because this society is registered in Germany as a company with limited liability, it can provide the legal framework and the logistic infrastructure to offer Ciênsação teaching tools in an online shop. Thus, when buying equipment at this shop, you enter a legal contract with the GFNU, rather than with Ciênsação (see 'About Ciênsação').



The best way to reach the GFNU is by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Letters, postcards and other mail should be sent to:
Goethestr. 106
63263 Neu-Isenburg

You can also call the GFNU, but please keep in mind that most members of the GFNU only speak German and English. If you wish to talk to us in Portuguese or Spanish, please send us your phone number or Skype ID by email, and we will try to call you back in your language.
Phone: +49 151 5555 483

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The GFNU is a small team specialized on science education, not on web security. Knowing that we cannot completely guarantee the safety of your data on our server, we neither store nor process sensitive data like your credit card information, NOR WILL WE EVER ASK YOU TO GIVE US THESE INFORMATION BY EMAIL OR ON THE PHONE. The payment process is exclusively handled by professional third parties, like banks or trustworthy payment services, who are responsible – and far more capable – to handle your data securely. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but believe that this is in the best interest of our customers.


Our privacy policy

Since the Gesellschaft zur Förderung Naturwissenschaftlichen Unterrichts UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is situated and registered in Germany, German law applies, and the following information about privacy needs to be published in German. For the convenience of our international visitors, we provide an English translation.


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