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Ciênsação Magnets

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Eddy currents

Copper is not ferromagnetic. So why do magnets fall slower through a copper tube than e.g. a steel cylinder?

Do equal poles attract each other?

Actually – no, they repel each other. So how do you explain the behavior seen in the picture?

Magnetic levitation

How to make one magnet 'hover' above another?

Magnetic reach

How can you extend the reach of the magnetic force?

Find my direction magnetically

Two in one: Let your students build compasses and at the same time learn how ferromagnetic materials can be turned into magnets.

Mapping the magnetic field

A simple way to make the invisible visible - and to see that the magnetic field has a direction.


More experiments:

Introducing Magnetism



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Ciênsação teaching tools are not toys and should only be used under the supervision of a responsible educator. Not suitable for children under 5 years.