Safety Mirrors

Safety Mirrors

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Does a mirror really invert sides?

No, but two mirrors can do.

Curved mirrors

Ciênsação safety mirrors have just the right thickness to bend a bit. Let your students explore what this means for incident light.

Mirror targeting

A fun way to teach the concept of optical reflection.

The Law of Reflection

The more serious approach. And an excellent exercise to find and formulate a natural law.

Mirror fractions

Two mirrors at an acute angle have an almost magical effect on your students' attention.

Finding the mirror image

You will find it when you focus.

Tunnel vision

Let your students peek into eternity.

More experiments

The true colors of white
Exploring mirrors
Mirror symmetry
Breathing water

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Ciênsação teaching tools are not toys and should only be used under the supervision of a responsible educator. Not suitable for children under 5 years.